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Published on October 12, 2019

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It all started because I wanted to cancel my account with sprint and they started to try to charge me more. I overpaid for over 2 years of bad service, I made over 20 phone calls and talk to a bunch of people about the bad service. They sent me a “magic box” to have better signal in my house, which never happened. Long story short, I got a deal with them and I was able to cancel. I was supposed to return the magic box. I was very clear saying that I needed to return a magic box. I received more than 5 kits cellphone size, and I kept calling to receive the correct one or I would throw the device away cause it was just sitting in my living room. Once again, I received a cellphone size returning kit.

Now I’m being charged $154 dollars for “keeping” the magic box!! I chatted with an agent, cause talking to someone is the most frustrating experience ever, they told me to drop the device in a store. I went today as told and the guy in the store tells me that they can’t receive the device. I tried to chat with an agent and she kept asking me the same questions over and over, I called sprint and the girl started to make laughing at me. I said a lot of bad words and I raised my voice cause for real, it’s time consuming. I had eye surgery last Monday, I’m not supposed to get mad or overwhelmed and now I have my eyes red I’m so mad, my head is about to explode it hurts so bad. They have the WORSE customer service in all areas, phone, stores, everywhere. I’m done, I’ve gotten sick twice cause I get so mad and frustrated my IBM gets complicated

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Pay for my medical expenses, time spent talking to them, gas, paper, all

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