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Published on October 14, 2019

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Terminx came to start bed bug service 5 weeks ago after I paid them in full,1242.00. The bed bug issue has gotten more serious. They canceled Thursday OCT. 10 and told me that they have meetings only on Thursdays. Then they made a new appointment for Thursday Oct 17. They outright lied to me.NowI want the bed bugs totally destroyed. I will now have to totally destroy my living room couch and chairs,however, no one will pick them up because they are totally infested. When the lying sales rep. first came to my house he told the bugs and eggs would be killed or the Tech. would keep returning until all the bedbugs are gone. I am livid over their misrepresentations. My daughter and I keep getting bit everyday. If they do not rid them completely soon I will take legal action and that is not a threat but a promise.

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