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Published on October 15, 2019

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On Tuesday June 18, 2019 I was locked out of the AirBnb I was renting with my fiancée under my name due to construction workers working on the property for the owners locking the door gate and both car gates to the property. This was notified to the property owners at 8pm that night and we were not in contact with them via phone, text,or in person, as the rental was the pool house in the back of their property, until the next morning in which we asked for 2 nights refunded as we were not able to stay there Tuesday night and had to rent a hotel room for approximately $150 that night. I paid approximately $90 each night at the Airbnb. There was some miscommunication and the owners were only willing to refund one night, which I have picture evidence of a written, but voided by tearing in half, check for only one night refunded and text messages from the owner’s wife about being locked out. Airbnb did not get back to me after numerous calls following up on a case I submitted for the dispute which I also have picture evidence documenting attempts to rectify.

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Refund the night I was unable to access the residence as well as hotel accommodations for that night.

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