AT&T Complaint

AT&T Complaint

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I called to cancel my AT&T Direct TV and Internet account on 04-27-2019.This would take effect on the last billing cycle for May.I paid my final bill and early termination fee.I received confirmation on 05-12-2019 that my equipment was received.I even overpaid and was issued a refund for overpayment.

I then continued to receive invoices from ATT-Direct TV even though online my account showed a zero balance.I received confirmation from DirectTV representatives on 07-16-2019 and also on 08-15-2019 that my account was closed and there was indeed a zero balance and I would no longer receive bills.I continue to receive bills up to this point on 10-15-2019.

After doing some research on my end, I believe that a duplicate account was created by DirectTV when I moved homes in May 2018.Interestingly enough, this never showed up until I cancelled though.

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