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Published on October 16, 2019

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I have made a reservations for 5 days in Los Angeles in one of the listed apartment using Airbnb. When I checked in with my girlfriend to the apartment we have notice there was a lot of signs around the building saying that Airbnb were not allowed at their premises. I have informed my host and Airbnb Support team and both confirm there was nothing wrong and I could stay at the apartment. On my second day I have tried to use the building facilities and I have been informed by the security officer of the building that I could not as I did not live in the building and I was not allowed to be there because it was consider as trespassing. They have called the police and the police took my keys and asked me and my girlfriend to leave the building leaving us on the street with all our belongings.

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Adding my expenses with the 5 nights originally 1 night in a hotel and another 2 nights in another house I have spent over 1,600 EUR that is not included the stress and the shame that I have been exposed on my holidays.

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