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Published on October 16, 2019

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My Mother passed away in March of 2018 and I cancelled her landline and Internet and U-Verse and had the equipment returned. I had been paying her bills by auto-pay from my account. After her passing and cancellation, AT&T continued to draw her monthly cable and Internet charges up until I finally made aware of it by my Bank. The house was actually sold in February of 2019 and the monthly payment continued to be drawn from my bank account. I called AT&T and was informed that they had no record indicating cable and Internet were cancelled but acknowledged that the landline was cancelled. I had waited for a representative for at least 45 minutes and before this initial complaint and was transferred numerous times to different representatives and each new transfer necessitated repeating the whole story. I was told to call back or I would be called. This went on for over a month until someone finally agreed to refund $600.00 from the over $2400.00 removed from my Bank Account illegally. After numerous calls over weeks of time passing asking about the status of the refund, I was told at least 6 different stories about the refund including a new amount of $455.59 being sent immediately. No real explanation of why the refund was now less; I was just worn down. Another few dozen calls transpired and making online complaints.Last week I was sent an Invoice showing a balance of $60.00 OWED on the account. When I called about that, I was informed that they showed no record of having the equipment returned and unless I could provide a receipt for the return, they had to deduct the cost of equipment from the refund which now left a balance DUE. They graciously decided to write off the balance DUE and that would be the end of it. NO REFUNDI am livid. This is criminal

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