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Published on October 16, 2019

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First, I was never told by the banker who set up my account that I would be charged just for checking my balance at another atm at the end of month and billed me $95 charge for checking my balance several times..they told me it is in there discloser but I feel as if it was hidden from me because I should of been warned verbally and I would of never used atm if I knew. Then I deposit $450 wait all week and got told it would be ready at midnight to find out they put extended hold on it and people who depended on my word that i would pay them next day got very angry when funds was not available and put me in a position that could of got me I have more funds being transferred to my bank but still cannot use funds because I’m negative $90 and I’m pissed

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I want $100 reimbursed plus an additional $200 for the frustration and situation I was forced to be in with the people I swore i would have the money too based on what i was told by keybank

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