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Published on October 17, 2019

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Before I begin, I absolutely take responsibility for not contacting the office in regards to the extended time needed for the rental.

I also would like to state that this is the LAST TIME I will ever patronize Enterprise Holdings or any of it’s other establishments, nor will I ever buy another car form your company again. I am now owed a total of $139.

I get it, I am only a drop in the bucket. However, on October 2, 2019 I rented a vehicle. Upon getting the rental, the agent who assisted me stated that I actually owed 2 past due balances on the account.

I tried to advise her that I already had paid it off because I never actually knew there was a balance owed. When I came to rent in June they told me of the balance and I paid it. She said I needed to pay it again or she couldn’t rent to me.

I paid her a total of 762.06. 455 in cash and 307.06 in credit card. I received a phone call from Courtney in accounting stated that the $89 I paid twice would be refunded, mind you, I still haven’t received it to date. She stated that she could actually see that I had paid it previously.

I use the rental and while using it to run to pick up goods for my business, my normal car broke down. I spoke with Toni on 10/10 and told her I would return the vehicle the following day. I was getting my car out of the shop.

When I returned the vehicle, the guy was telling me that I actually owed you guys $563. I do not remember his name, however, he was a stocky black guy with a manager’s badge on. I advised him that it was not correct. He stated to me that he would have someone call me and I could pay it then because he couldn’t tell what I had already paid and what hadn’t been paid.

I was OK with that, I left and figured we would handle it on Monday. My car ran into issues over the weekend, so I needed to rent again. I called on Monday morning to resolve the issue due to the fact that the guy couldn’t see what I owed. I asked to speak with Toni because I’d spoken with her before.

She got on the phone and asked my name. Before I could even tell her what happened and why I needed to pay, she said to me, “This is the last time you can do this. You have a history of renting vehicles, then only paying us when you need to rent again…”

I got very upset because:

1. at that point my character is being assassinated.

2. I have money in my bank account and paying off a measly rental balance is nothing for me.

3. If I am not notified that the charge has not gone through, how do I know that I still owe you. It happened twice. I have tons of business transactions that come through, if I do not receive an invoice or am not notified at the time of the rental drop off then how am I supposed to pay?

4. She was prejudice. She prejudged me based off other customers who probably scheme on you guys.

I definitely took it personal and got on the defense. I advised her the ONLY reason I was calling was because the guy was unable to give me a correct balance upon the rental return. I may have money, but I am not just going to pay something because you say I owe it. It legitimately wasn’t my fault at all and she made me feel like some sort of low life who doesn’t want to pay their bills.

The conversation escalated because she was not listening to me. So I cut her off and advised her I just needed the balance and I wanted to pay it off and be done. Going back and forth seemed pointless at that point. She advised me that I had to drive up to the branch(30 mins away) to make the payment.

Mind you, I am running a small business, my car is back in the shop, & I have deadlines and stuff, NOW I have to go to enterprise to just get my balance AND pay it? I asked for the accounting department number, she said she couldn’t give it to me. Mind you this is because the manager on duty when I returned couldn’t give me a correct balance.

I catch an Uber to the office and it was very apparent that she coached the manager on duty, Jordan, on what to say to me.

I began speaking to him very calmly, because by the time I made it to the branch I had calmed down. I figured someone at the branch would hear me out and while I am explaining to him, he proceeds to ask every guest who walked into the branch their last name and check them in while I am speaking.

I felt myself getting furious. I was being ignored. He cut me off mid explaining what was going on to say, “Well. Tony let me know that your balances are out of hand and we don’t rent vehicles on credit.” What did that have to do with the price of tea in China?

I could not believe this gentlemen was saying that to me after I TOLD HIM that the only reason it was not paid was due to the guy giving me the wrong balance. I also explained to him that my executive assistant and I figured out that based upon the agreement at the close of the rental was 227.06.

He agreed that $227.06 was the amount. I asked if it was normal practice for customer to have to drive down to pay a balance and he said no it’s just that my balances were out of hand. How is that?! When I was ready to pay the balance.

He started checking in customers once again while I am speaking. When I said something to him about ignoring me to assist others, he says to me, “Well, I have a whole branch to run… blah, blah, blah.”

Basically saying that taking my payment and assisting me was not important. I finally made the payment, then went down to rent through Budget. I told him he was rude and the least thing someone could do was apologize for having me leave my business just to pay something that could have been handled over the phone. He mustered up a sarcastic apology.

I called Tony and let her know that I would be emailing you guys and that the balance had been paid and the girl who answered put me on speaker phone and I heard laughter in the background. At that point, I realized that the final bill that was sent to me said $227.06 but my card was billed $277.06.

I could NOT believe that I would have to go back up to Enterprise office again. I went back up to the office and spoke with him. I showed him both the receipts and he says to me, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.”

I’m not hurting for money & was extremely frustrated, so the $50 in that moment, I just counted as a lost. I rented from budget and I’m cool.

This morning, I signed into the app to see if the balance showed as paid and it showed that I was apparently on a DNR. I called and spoke with Camille. She advised me that I had a DNR because I still owed $227.06. I advised her that on 10/14/2019 the balance was paid. She stated you all have no record of the payment.

I told her I would send the receipt where I actually OVERPAID the balance by $50. When I sent the information she stated she would have Toni call me.

While working a few minutes ago, I receive a FedEx letter stating that there will be a warrant issued for my arrest from Toni. I was FLOORED, so I called and calmly asked why. The call was transferred to Tony.

She gets on the phone and before I could even say anything says to me, “I have forwarded your information about 10 mins ago to my higher ups and they will call you. I put you on a DNR and I AM NOT taking you off!”

I asked, “Do you even know what I am calling about?” She said, “about your complaints and everything, they will assist you. I am not arguing with you today.”

All she had to do was clarify what the letter meant, that is all. There you have it again, her making assumptions and not wanting to assist me because she thinks I am some low life.

So, here is the deal. The only thing I am wrong about in this situation is not calling and extending the rental properly. Everything that happened after that is absolutely POOR customer service, misunderstanding, & NO ONE wanting to hear me out because of a prejudice that all people who owe a balance are trying to “rent cars on credit.” Absolutely comical.

I am absolutely disgusted and to know that people cannot be treated without prejudice is despicable. She assumed I was some schemer and treated me poorly. Your “manager” couldn’t read your system, so I couldn’t pay. Now this has escalated to something out of hand for no reason. All I wanted to do was proactively take care of my bill because I was unable to AT THE TIME OF THE RETURN.

I literally went two days without a car just so that I could rent from you guys because I know that you all pride yourselves in customer service. That is how much I enjoy the “Enterprise experience.” I have NEVER had an issue with the Las Vegas office, the last time I felt bad because they got in trouble over the California offices.

However, after this one and the last one I reached out about. I am cool on Enterprise and will suffer through poor customer service of other rental companies to avoid this drama you guys have. I would like to request that my $50 and my $89 refund be sent to me ASAP! That money is actually owed to me and you all will NEVER EVER have to worry about hearing from me again, go ahead and donate my 1259 points to someone else. I wanted to use them while in Atlanta at the end of the month, but it’s whatever now.

I am a human and deserve to be treated as such even if I only rent cars here and there. As a Gold member, I deserve better treatment. My religion believes that in everything, we should get an understanding. I believe this should be a principal taught in customer service. An understanding of the situation could have gone a long way in this situation.

Lastly, it is not what you say it is how you say it. If you don’t want people yelling, then don’t say things to cause them to get on a defense about their character. She didn’t know me, she didn’t know what happened, she assumed.

Thank you for your time.

Just so you guys all know, I was contacted by Mike, the Regional Manager for Enterprise.

He called and asked how could he help me. I said to him, “I would just like my $50 back that I overpaid”

He said to me, “What $50? I don’t have any money of yours to begin with.”

I said to him, ” You guys overcharged me$50 the other day. Jordan told me $227 and I was charged $277.”

He says to me, “No we didn’t because I have no record of you making any payment to us. You didn’t make a payment. you didn’t make any payments at all.”

I replied, “Yes, I did. I emailed the receipt this morning to Camille.”

He says to me, “You still owe us and you didn’t pay us anything. You have an outstanding balance. We didn’t collect a payment, you are lying.”

By this time, I am yelling because I get the feeling he is patronizing me, lying on me to me, and being very sarcastic. He was NOT LISTENING to me. I asked, “Well, would you like for me to come down there and show you the receipt since you didn’t get it?”

He says to me, “If you’re going to threaten me, then I am going to call the cops on you! Come up here and I will have the police meet you.”

I am definitely shouting at him because he is straight up lying and making stuff up, I say, “What? Why would you call the police and I didn’t threaten you. I said that I was going to show you the receipt. I want my $50 that is owed to me!”

He then replied that once I got there, he would call the cops. I’m up for the challenge, because I know I didn’t do anything wrong and you guys OWE me this money. I complained on the corporate line and you guys sent it right back to the local level.

I show up at the office and was helped by Eric. I advised him I was recording the conversation because at this point everyone is painting me out to be some crazy woman, provoking me by being sarcastic and I do not trust anyone in the office(recording is attached.)

I am telling him that I need my money back and he starts telling me, “Well, you have rented from us a lot and we have a bunch of tickets saying you owe us.”

I cut him off right then and there, “I just want my money back. I am already in a Budget vehicle. I don’t need you guys anymore….” I also explain to him that I just want to be treated like a human being and not be prejudged and made out to be some animal.

He finally listened. I show him my two receipts that show different balances and He promises to speak with accounting & call me back. He calls back and here is the kicker, he says to me that you all will refund me the money if I agree to remain on the DNR list.

NOT refund me the money because it’s OWED to me, or because it is a discrepancy but only if I agree to never use you guys again he’ll have it to me in 1-2 days. I mean, that’s a no brainer… I AM NOT going to use you guys. Throw the rewards points in the trash at this point. I don’t even want them donated to anyone.

WHAT A JOKE?! What are you guys doing over there? There definitely needs to be training that takes place. I am quite sure people scam and scheme you guys all the time, but that is not everyone.

A simple misunderstanding that could have been clarified just by LISTENING to your customer has now turned into some informal monetary settlement. However the amount offered is actually OWED to me?!?! I’m sorry, but it’s kinda funny how unprofessional this is.

I do not want to use you guys ever again, I just hope that going forward you guys learn to treat people like humans. I should not have to have an anxiety attack to the point my best friend and executive assistant have to talk me off the ledge because I am being poorly treated. I had to take a Xanax to help me deal with it. I am having to take the rest of my day off from work due to the stress.

I should not have to be crying in public, this has definitely made me emotionally upset dealing with the incompetence of the Las Vegas Airport Office. I’ve sent people to buy vehicles because of me referring them & I always take up for you guys when people say bad things about you. I mention you in my social media lives and everything.

Now I know it’s really true. I can not defend you, you do not care and have horrible customer service practices. Just do BETTER!!

I will NEVER buy another vehicle or rent from you again. But then again, you guys don’t care about that. I am just a couple thousands of dollars in your Billion dollar company.

This will probably get dismissed as some crazy woman writing, but it’s whatever. I don’t even know why I am writing you, because you all don’t care. The receipts are attached, the recording also and I am also owed $89 that was promised to me from your corporate accounting office. I believe her name was Courtney, she said she was refunding it on Thursday.

Please make sure that I receive my money, so I can never think about this company again. In total it should be $139. You will see that on this agreement, I paid $351 which includes the $89 that I already paid on August 17.

Thank you!

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