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Published on October 17, 2019

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I had tickets booked by Spirit Airlines for October 14 and i wanted to change it for October 09. I was informed by phone that it would cost me $150. An hour later I changed my reservation on line (under “reschedule your trip”). The invoice came for $ 550 (new tickets + $190 penalty fee). I complained during my subsequent telephone conversation and was told that: 1. penalty is $ 190 (not $150 as I was informed previously by phone); 2. this is not really rescheduling my previous tickets but buying a new one, since I will not be reimbursedfor my original tickets. The total price would be old tickets + new tickets + $ 190. I requested the cancellation of the entire new transaction leaving the date of departure for October 14. It took almost 2 hrs and discussion with 2 managers who finally agreed tocancel a new transaction, but I still would have to pay $ 150 penalty. I had no choice but to accept it (I had to be back at work on October 15), but I consider the whole treatment of my case by Spirit Airlines as very unfair and I want to be reimbursed for $ 150.

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refund of $ 150

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