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Published on October 18, 2019

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I open any account with spectrum end of June received the device in July 5 couldn’t activate this because somehow they didn’t input my name correctly & they had issues finding me in their system, went to a local store twice to get help they couldn’t do anything for me.and they incorrectly wrote my name wrong, once I verified so many times the spelling they got it wrong still. When I received the device I couldn’t activated because of this issue. This is a company error not a customer error. After a whole week went by. I call back trying to activate this device and still was not successful to activate till the 2 weeks after the. I told them that the phone they shipped me was the wrong cellphone. And there fore they gave me the run around a transfer I g me to different departments & nothing got resolved. I got frustrated calling back and forth and terminated my service with them. I should not be obligate to keep a horrible service. So they told me that I will still owe the phone and if I wanted to be clear of the bent I need to pay it off so I did. And they said till then we can unblocked it for you. It been 3 weeks waiting for someone to call me and finally sepsis over a hour and still they said I have no balance with them but they won’t unlock a devise that I completely own now. And payed for.. they are rude and they said there no one else to help. They pretty much force me to paid them over $700 for a device I can’t even unlocked and I completely own. This is not acceptable for new customers.. and this why I cancel be cause they are not friendly people they laugh at you and make you get upset by there answer and they hang up the calls on you. They make you stay on hold with them over a hour or more to speak to supposably manger or supervisor… they need to unlock this cellphone. I’m not opening another act with them.. this is ridiculously

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