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Published on October 19, 2019

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Recently (a few months ago) I renegotiated my Comcast contract. I have an internet, cable and home phone (triple play) service for $200/month. I have been a customer of Comcast for nearly twenty years.

Part of my newly agreed to bundle explicitly includes THe (Turner Classic Movies) HD. Today, 10/19/19, On my screen it said I would need to upgraded to get this channel. I called them.

1. They said I should have received notice that I was losing that channel.) I said, I did not, because they no longer send me a paper bill. I pay my bill on my tv screen and there was no notice. I am penalized (pay more) to receive a paper bill so, it was ostensibly their choice for me not to be billed that way.

2.They said I could buy a sports package for $10 more per month that includes TCM. I said that’s intentionally inane because people who watch old movies don’t typically watch, or need, or want advancedsports programming.

3. They said they had the right to change programming at any time. I pointed out that they do not, that doing so is a material breach of contract.

I illustrated in the following: If I agree to buy 10 apples from you each month and then you give me 9 apples instead of 10, that is a breach of contract.

4. For them to say (still with the analogy) “ok, you can have 10 apples a month but it will cost you an extra $3 ($13/mo) for 10 apples, that is a breach of contract. You can’t take away one of the items you agreed to sell me at a given price and then offer it back to me at a higher price. With or without notice, that is an exceedingly obvious breach of contact. It’s that much more insulting when they attach a channel with old movies to an advanced sports package.

5. The first agent I spoke with had attitude and rudeness for days.

6. The second helped me to a temporary solution. She gave me a 3 month credit to upgrade to repackage that includes TCM HD. So, after three months, I would have to pay for it. This gives me three months to fight Comcast with the channel that I originally contacted for without paying extra for. I can cancel after these three months. She knew my complaint was valid but of course, she couldn’tchange it. She agreed that this was a terrible way to treat a customer of twenty years. She pointed out the irony that she was twenty years old.

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