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Published on October 19, 2019

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On October 16th Delta Airlines offered me to upgrade my flight for $99 or 9,900 miles per person for my entire trip departing Los Angeles on January 21st going to Punta Cana and returning on the 29th of January 2020. The promotion was offered to me on the Fly Delta app and it specifically said upgrade first class $99 or 9,900 miles per person entire trip. When I call Delta to redeem this upgrade they informed me that the $99 of the 9900 miles was actually only for the portion of the flight from Punta Cana to Atlanta and not per person for the entire trip. They would honor the offer I received. I have screenshots of the app that shows that verbiage. However, Delta has since corrected it but I do have documentation showing exactly what was listed on that app.

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I want them to honor the offer that I received. I want the opportunity to upgrade my flight to First Class for the entire trip for 9900 miles per person. I have screenshots from my phone that clearly show this offer. However Delta has since changed the verbiage.

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