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Published on October 19, 2019

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I have sprint for over 2 years now. When I upgraded they told me my bill would be $88 a month turns out to $120 a month. When I purchase the galaxy s9+ buy one get one free promotion. I was never inform that at the end of the promotion I would have to pay regular price.Sprint text or email me or even notify me of monthly bill increase. I put one phone line on standby and still is paying for the whole phone because bill is still the same amount as if all lines being used and they keep telling me it’s not but it is cause I’m very good at math. Sprint also has hidden charges and fees they cant seem to find on my account and telling me they giving discount advantages which is a lie. Sprint also say that after all the money I put in at the end of my lease I have to continue for 6 months in order to take the phone. That’s totally unfair when people pay more for a phone with the bill and service combine. Over a 2 year period I have spent over 3500 towards sprint for $997.0 phone. How is it possible that I dont have the phone as mine just because of a lease. A Phone is not a apartment and you cant treat it with the same conditions.

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