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Published on October 19, 2019

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I was a loyal customer in good standing for 13 years. I put up with having intermittent service with the promise from T-Mobile that it would get better and to be patient. Over these years I’ve gotten 3 boosters to boost my service placed in my home. One of them I paid $150.00 the others I either put up a deposit or they let me borrow. I returned one through the T-Mobile store in St. Louis at the Yorkshire location within the past 12 months. It was never received by T-Mobile corporate. Yet the store did verify that I brought it to them to be sent back. Starting March of 2019 my service became unavailable multiple times every day. Calls failed and I was unable to make calls. My data didn’t work. I called many times this year to reach out to T-Mobile about the issues. I was told numerous times it’s my phone or my internet carrier. I contacted my internet cattier and had them out to my house 4 times. I bought a new iPhone XR February 2019 and switched out the sim in June I think. I then brought my phone to Apple in early October 2019 and replaced it. I still had terrible service that I paid $1606.37 a month every month. In September 2019, offshore customer service told me to just change carriers because I didn’t live close enough to a good tower. I live in a major city. Within 15 minutes of Downtown. I was worried since I was told I didn’t live near the closest tower that I would have the same issues. October 12,2019 I switched carriers. I had to wait 5 days for most of the phones to be unlocked by T-Mobile. I am waiting on the return kit for the boosters. My account is up to date. Yet, I received an email and was told by customer service that the remaining phones would not be unlocked until I paid off my balance. I made my autopay payment on October 10, 2019 and the final bill was not due until November 2019. Customer service has lied to me over and over about the issues and only recently admitted that yes, there is a problem with their service. I feel that I should be reimbursed at least half of my bill for the months March through October 2019 and that I should also be compensated for my time spent wasted on hold with customer service. And finally I feel I should be compensated for the length of time it took to unlock some of the phones. I still have a phone that has yet to be unlocked. A phone bought this year at full price at a T-Mobile store that doesn’t work properly that I’m stuck with because it’s not unlocked.

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