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Published on October 19, 2019

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My elderly parents, eight-eight and eighty, tried to cancel their account but were told that they had to pay off the$1,000 loan that they took out with Citizens Bank for the equipment. My father said he was misled. He said he never would have used their service if he had known he was buying the equipment. My dad said he never received any paperwork for anything, not from Vivint or the Citizens Bank.

My parents had the service for four months and never received a bill. Now they are concerned they might get an outrageous bill for monthly service.

My dad keeps saying that he can’t fight the company, “it’s huge and has its own legal department and everything.” My dad is afraid, so he is not demanding paperwork until he receives something from Vivint saying the account has been closed.

My dad went to the Arkansas State Attorney General’s office and was told that some people have been “taken” for a lot more. The only recommendation they had for my dad was to fill out a complaint form with the Better Business Bureau.

The salesman solicited my parents by walking up to the house and then talked to my mother for two hours. He said that they needed to install the system that night, because he and the installer were going back to Utah the next day.

My parents are the perfect victims for fraud; they are elderly, she has dementia, and he has extreme hearing loss from military service.

My parents paid the $1,000 plus interest “just to get out,” as my dad said.

They also contacted the bank by phone requesting all paperwork from them about the “loan,” and the bank has not complied.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I don’t know. I would like to see them investigated for fraudulent sales practices. I would like Citizens Bank investigated, as well. I would like Vivint to suspend sales in Arkansas while it is being investigated. I want both Citizens Bank and Vivint to send my parents any documents they supposedly signed. My dad doesn’t think he signed a loan but he’s afraid to insist they send him a physical document with his signature on it. My parents are being bullied.

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