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Published on October 20, 2019

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13 years with bank of America.. my disability was going to be changing I had my account 200 overdrafted..I asked if they would put my account on hold and told them it would be 4 months or so untill I’d be using and able to pay off my negative balance. CSR in recovery dept promised they wouldn’t close my account..they did.. Sept 2018 went to boa paid my debt off..I had a 20k check bank.manager said he’s having a hard time trying to get a new acct opened and to come back 2morrow..I did that every other day for 2 weeks..then you be told they couldn’t..dome reason I was blacklisted the other banks called it and I’d have to wait 30 days to open a new acct bank..

August 2019 went to boa 2100 check OPENED account no problem..Sept 9put my banking info on my Verizon account to pay a account info was compromised somehow and someone tried charging a 302 Verizon bill the 9th I paid 328.19 and 60.00 to Verizon. On line by debit card…8 hours later I called boa and Verizon asking for those payments to be stopped..boa said had to post first..b4 I could dispite and request my funds back..posted 9 13..filed a dispute against Verizon..the csr said 24 hr I’d have my money back..rep after rep kept extending time it be 4 getting my funds reversedI called them minimum 20 Oct 17 still no money

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