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Published on October 20, 2019

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It started 0n September 5, 2019, when I received a text notice that the card I have/had on file would be charged $78 dollars on my scheduled payment. I called to find out why, since I was only paying $45 monthly. That’s when they told me about my monthly bill of $45, plus $33 for the installment plan for a ne Iphone. Within a short period of time I had no service to the phone I’ve had for over a year, a Moto g6 play. I called customer service and they apologized, re-established the service and the investigation begin to find out who did what, how, when and where. I had to remove my credit card from my auto re-boost account so that it wouldn’t be used to pay for a phone that they had given to someone. They even had me change my billing address, and pin code right then and there, and questioned me extensively bout how I paid my bill, if I go into a store to pay it, who has access to my pin number, etc. They tried to make it be my fault, but I’ve had service with them since September 25, 2013, and never had an issue until now. I stopped patronizing their stores long ago because of the questionable practices that I encountered. I buy my devices through Boost Mobile website, and I pay for my services through my Boost account on their online or through “myboost” app. I finally figured out how to navigate my account, and that’s when I discovered the details of the installment agreement and the name on the contract. I save it to my google “Drive” before they removed it, and replaced that guy’s name with mine, as though I was the original contractor. I’ve called numerous times and was told that everything was being taken care of, or that it had been sent to the back to be investigated. Thus far, the contract is still on my account, with my name on it, and the details outlining the payment agreement. BUT, I have saved the original contract reflecting who bought the Iphone, from what company, and the address that was given for the purchaser. And I can tell you this…they are MILES away from where I am. Boost knows more than they are telling. AND, they have also eradicated the original text notifying me of the upcoming charge of $78, that alerted me that some “Some top flight shenanigans” were afoot.It appears to me that they want me to pay for a mistake that only they, or their authorized agents could have made.

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I want Boost Mobile to restore my account to the condition it was prior to this debunckle. That includes reflecting the image of the phone that I’m currently using, and the previous phone Samsung J7, as an option to switch devices. And, I want the $5 I am having to pay for not having auto re-boost, refunded to my boost account as a credit. I shouldn’t have to pay for Boost’s mistake.

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