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Published on October 20, 2019

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Wrongful termination and malicious business practices. I was fired in retaliation for requesting proof of benefits I was promised. At first I was hired and labeled as contracted employee through a third party service called Blue Crew, which they had contracted me to be hired for on two consecutive terms. When another staffing agency began providing employees, Blue Crew had “lost the contract” and Lyft forced us to switch over to KNA Solutions to keep our jobs. Upon switching we were promised our benefits would remain the same and a pay increase. 25 days into the new KNA Solutions staffing agency that now had us listed as employees I had inquired about where we could read up on our benefits. They later informed me we were not going to receive benefits (contrary to what I had in writing). When I brought this to my managers attention I was told they would look into it. I was then fired a week later for “poor performance” yet my separation letter list no reason for termination. In my attempt to seek unemployment benefits I have come to learn that my income was not being properly reported as I had made well 0ver $15,000 during my employment with Lyft, but was only listed as making $2,400 which conveniently falls under the minimum amount necessary to receive compensation.

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compensate me for benefits that were rightfully earned and taken away along with provide me with the remainder of my salary I was expected to earn for the year.

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