ADT misled and overcharged by sales reps who won’t let me cancel

ADT misled and overcharged by sales reps who won’t let me cancel

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ADT sudden raised my monthly payment in August without notifying me. When I called after the 17th of the month, it was a ploy to put me back in contract. So I asked for $30.99 a month and 2 years, at which they didn’t agree to. They went in my account on the September 12th for $30.99 which was before my payment date of the 17th for almost 5yrs. Which cause my acccount NSF charge. So I called and made the payment over the phone. On October 1st ADT went into my account again for $40.99. I called again asking for a manager at which time I was told I would receive a call in 24-72 hrs, that call never came. I called back 2-3 times in that time span. The 3rd time a Manager was put on the phone. I explained to him ADT was going into my account as they pleased and asked him twice was I under contract. The manager stated twice I was not under contract and they would not go into my account on October 17th as they had already taken the payment out on October 1st.

Therefore because of all the mess I went with a different company, I called to remove my service from ADT. ADT then claimed I was under contract. As I argued with ADT agent, ADT agent tried to then offer me the $30.99 amount. At which time i told ADT I will be taking it to court and I hung up in his face.

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Do not touch my account any more. And honor their word. Or pay for: going into my account at any given time, harassment and mental anguish/

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