AT&T Customer service lied to me

AT&T Customer service lied to me

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I joined att in march with two lines on a bogo offer. In September of this year, I ported out one line because I needed unlimited and unfortunately atts price was too high. Prior to the port out, I told them, I know both phones are on installments but If i still have one line and the when the full amount gets billed, will i be able to make payments on it. I was told yes by several employees on the phone and online.

Once my first bill came, the full amount was listed and i was to make not only my service amount due but also pay a little more down on the past due as a total. I was told again, as long as you keep doing this your account will be fine. I paid this month yesterday at 87 and told the rest would be Friday. Rep on the phone said no problem, noted your account and your good to go. Log in today and my account is showing suspended. Not once did the person yesterday tell me this or people prior. Now they said they cant do anything because im suspended and can only help once its paid off in full. Um im a working father of 4 and just dont have 634 dollars readily available. I still need my 1 line to be active and need this fixed, either by them putting a line on my account moving the installment to that, or by still allowing me to continue to pay as I have been. Basically I felt they said thanks for the payment, but tomorrow your suspended.

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