Suddenlink by Altice Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink by Altice Claim for Compensation

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On my Jun 2019 bill from Suddenlink I noticed where I was being charged for 400mb internet at $104.21 when the previous month we had 150mb internet at $85.14 a month.

This is unlimited internet, so there is no data cap. I was not made aware of this upgrade until I saw the higher fee on the Jun 2019 bill.

I called Suddenlink and asked if I could be put back down on the 150mb unlimited plan for the $85.14 a month of which the representative said was fine. She even said she applied a discount and now my bill would only be around $65.00 a month.

We go a few months paying that amount and then my Nov 2019 bill has a charge for $497.51 for going over our bandwidth cap.

I called Suddenlink on 18 Nov, 2019 and talked to Malik who said his employee ID was A and Z. (Not sure what that means.) I explained that when I requested to be switched back to my previous plan the lady did not explain to me that I was dropping the unlimited internet service.

He researched my records and after a while said that we went over our data cap and that I owed the money anyway. I once again explained that I was not aware of a data cap and the no one from Suddenlink sent me any messages, emails or phone calls about not having unlimited internet until the month of Nov 2019, when a representative from Suddenlink called about not having unlimited data any longer, at which time I upgraded back to the 400 mb unlimited package. I explained I was not aware we were going over our data cap and could the fees be waived.

He said they could not be waived because I went over our data cap. He stated that when I called to lower my bill and save a few bucks, the package they put me on was not unlimited so I had to pay the fees. I once again stated that I was not aware that it was switched to a plan that had a data cap, but he said that did not matter.

I asked to talk to a manager of which Malik said would be a waste of my time because they would have the same opinion as him and I would have to pay for the overages. I insisted that he get a manager on the phone and after waiting about 10 minutes, Malik came back on the phone and said that all the managers were too busy and that one would call me back later on that day. Today is 19 Nov, 2019 @ 5:28 PM and still no one has called me back from Suddenlink about my bill.

I do not feel I should have to pay the overages due to not knowing that my unlimited service was removed when I down graded to a lower speed of internet. I would like for Suddenlink to waive the $360.00 that is the over usage fee of my Nov 2019 bill of $497.51 and any other service fees that are related to the overages.

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