ADT charged me hidden fees

ADT charged me hidden fees

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I am a 14 years customer with ADT. In 2017 we upgraded the system with new 3 year contact. the contract clearly says “Number of payments for the initial term is 36 months. Payment is 52.99”

But with tax it came to 56.70. But I didn’t notice until now that they have increased the price twice $60.76 and 65.72. When I call they said cannot pay me back the additional charges and offered a 1 month free service, which is less than they charged me additionally. As well they pointed out, there is a fine print under Important Terms and Conditions “”ADT has right to increase the annual service charge at any time after the first year. If I object in writing to the increase within 30 days of receiving notice of the increase, and if ADT does not waive the increase, then I may terminate this Contract effective 30 day’s after ADT’s receipt of my written notice of termination. In this situation, I will not have to pay the contract termination charges described in Paragraph 2 above”

This is my concern; those 2 statements in the agreement is contradict. When it says clearly 36 months, how they can say in another clause it only valid for 1 year? They are making a work around to charge customers against the agreement

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Full refund with interest. Remove the clause that they can increase the fee for all customers and pay back for all customers who they charged extra.

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