ADT misled by sales reps who overcharged me and won’t let me cancel

ADT misled by sales reps who overcharged me and won’t let me cancel

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I signed a 3 year (36 month) contract for home monitoring services with ADT of which the standard monthly service per signed contract was $57.99 (excluding taxes). I paid this from June 2018-August 2019). On 9/13/19 I was notified that ADT has the right per contract agreement to increase the monthly fee at any time after the first year and I had the right to object in writing within 30 days of receiving the increase, and if ADT does not waive the increase, then I may terminate the contract effective 30 days after ADT’s receipt of my written notice of termination. The new fee was $60.43 (excluding taxes) and was paid from September 2019 to November 2019. I sent a letter per contract language above of my objection and never received any correspondence from ADT to waive the increase. On 12/3/19 I was notified again that my monthly monitoring fee would increase again from $60.43 to $64.25. I called again and was told there was nothing that could be done because the contract allows an “increase in charges” after the first year. I told them I followed all instructions and sent an objection letter and never received a response and the initial increase was never waived. I have since asked for the address and they gave me a different mailing address to send my objection letter to. I feel as though they are doing something illegal and taking advantage of the contract language that allows them increase charges because the contract doesn’t specify by how much and how often they can do this. How can they keep increasing the rate and ignore my written objection of the increases? I understand they are protected by judge/jury and only small claims arbitration is allowed by law, but it just seems this practice is illegal.

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Waive fee increases or terminate remaining contract.

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