ADT service wasn’t what I was promised and they won’t let me cancel, Misleading offers by ads or sales reps

ADT service wasn’t what I was promised and they won’t let me cancel, Misleading offers by ads or sales reps

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ADT sold me a new security system with cameras. The system doesn’t work because it take a clip but

then takes mintues to hours to reset (the time when a robbery would be occuring) I have already filed a

complaing but ADT will do nothing to help me. I have had ten technicians, several managers and even

people from the executive offices involved. Every manager or technician who has come here has very

clearly said “this system is never going to work for you. You never should have been sold this” Basically

because it’s it doesn’t continuously record. The sales person who sold the system never explained that.

The system was new to ADT so he probably didn’t even know. So now I have a system that will never

protect me. ADT knows it but will do nothing other than to continue to tell me I’m locked into the contract.

The only other “bait and switch” option is to pay them another $3000 to get the system that probably

should have been proposed to me. At the same time (before I knew this was a worthless system) I

asked them to put one camera at another property where I already had service. Thus, I’m adding a piece

of equipment to my existing service . The sales person told me they could to that and it would cost me X

attitional dollars per month. So they put in the camera. The camera has not worked at all for even one

day since they put it in. ADT refused to do anything to remedy it. Then about a month ago I got two

letters in the mail the same day from ADT. One letter said I owed them $645 and the other one said

“nevermind” I called ADT and the rep told me it was a mistake and I never should have gotten those

letters. Just disregard. She made it very clear, and I asked three times “so my account is closed and I

owe you zero dollars, correct?” She confirmed “yes, the account is closed and the balance is zero . Then

today I get an email saying i’m 30 days late and owe them $745. I cancelled the service in the previous

call a month ago. So I call again. Yes I owe $745 for breaking a contract. What? Yes you signed a new

contract for 2 years back in April. So apparently when the salesperson added the camera to my existing

service, he didn’t bother to mention that in doing so it would be another two year contract. Total

misrepresentation of what they were doing. On my calles to ADT today about this issue I was basically

told the same as before. “too bad Mister Hill, there is nothing we can do. You have a two year contract”

So now I have one 2 year contract with a service that doesn’t and will never work for me. And other

contract that they let me cancel, never informing me it was under contract and I would be penalized

$745 for a system where the new camera has never worked for one day. This company has to be

stopped. They have salespeople selling product that is not appropriate for it’s purpose. But once they

lock you in, no mater if the service works or not, you must pay for two years.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Put in a system that would be appropriate for what I asked for and not pull the bait and switch of telling that will cost an additional $3000

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