Airbnb misled me with false advertising and sales reps

Airbnb misled me with false advertising and sales reps

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My wedding is in Lagos Nigeria on the 28th of December 2019 so I needed apartments for myself, the bridal party and other guest. I have booked apartments that were listed as available four times on Airbnb. Two of those four times, the bookings were cancelled and the other two times, the hosts didn’t even bother to cancel even though the apartments were not available. All four times, I was charged by Airbnb. All four times, the apartments were not available.

I reported to Airbnb that hosts are running a scam racket in Nigeria but Airbnb continues to ignore me and their response is to send listings on unavailable apartments that they continue to list as available.

I asked an Airbnb customer service representative to confirm whether they made any attempt to verify that these listings are actually available and they said no.

I have since realized that hosts are running a scam here where they continue to list unavailable apartments on Airbnb as a bait to lure o customers and offer them more expensive alternatives often in less desirable areas. I reported this to Airbnb and they have taken no steps to rectify the situation instead, they continued to send me more listings from Airbnb without checking whether they were actually available.

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I want monetary compensation for the aggravation that Airbnb has caused so close to my wedding. I want to sue Airbnb for the maximum possible. I want Airbnb to shut down operations in a Lagos, Nigeria until they show evidence that they have taken steps to verify that listings on their website are actually available.

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