Vivint placed unauthorized robocalls

Vivint placed unauthorized robocalls

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I have received calls about alarms going off at my residence which I never heard of I dont have a account with this company both calls I recieved one at 12am and again a separate one weeks later at another resident I never heard of I have tried to call company and have my number removed telling them I dont know about these resident how my number got on a call list for a alarm going off it getting to be ridiculous I want to sue them maybe that will stop this

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Pay my time for having to deal with this and not getting anywhere I keep getting calls for alarms going off about people I dont know or address I never heard of this company seem not a concerned as they should be I am sick of it besides what about the people who my have a real emergency and this company not having the right information I can see this maybe happened to me once but twice or more that’s just crazy and fix there system it needs to be looked into thank you for your time alan cicenas

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