Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

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February 2019 we moved out of a rental that had vivint that we were paying for and was told that our account would be on a deferment till we get a new place. Vivint continued to charge us for 2 months. May 2019 my husband called them to get a refund and told him that he needed to email them to cancel the account, which he did, and then they would refund. He called several times over the summer and never got a refund. Now I have picked up where he left off and started calling them sense late October 2019. I have talked to several customer service representatives and 2 supervisors (DJ Hillier and John Perkins) and was told that they will send out a refund check for the amount of $128.80 (I also have emails that confirm this). It is now January 2020 almost a year later. The fact that I have to call this company about every two weeks of not weekly is absurd and the mental anguish that it this putting me through knowing that I have to call for my money that may never be refunded.

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I just want my refund back of $128.80. If they won’t do that then I will take further action and sue for more.

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