Vivint Didn’t Deliver the Service They Promised

Vivint Didn’t Deliver the Service They Promised

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I have had numerous issues with the Vivint equipment I purchased. With any other company, it would still be under warranty/returnable. The doorbell mistakenly indicates that there are people at the door, when there are not. thermostat stays offline. I fix it and hours later, it’s offline again. I’d be on the phone with Vivint every single day if I called every time thermostat went offline. The door lock has malfunctioned and i was unable to get into my home using the app or the keypad. When i called support, they blamed the battery, but once i was able to get in the house and reset the door using the key, it worked again with no battery change. If the power goes out, the garage door doesn’t know how to get back online – it just beeps and has to be unplugged and plugged in again – not a graceful failover. I don’t trust the equipment and it malfunctions all the time. While I can cancel my service, i’m stuck with the shoddy equipment.

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I want them to take the equipment back and refund me for the purchase. The compensation i’m asking for is the cost of the equipment I purchased.

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