Vivint Misleading offers by ads or sales reps, service wasn’t what I was promised and they won’t let me cancel, Overcharged me / hidden fees

Vivint Misleading offers by ads or sales reps, service wasn’t what I was promised and they won’t let me cancel, Overcharged me / hidden fees

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We signed on a 3 year contract with vivint a little over 3 years ago, we had trouble starting the first night, the salesman showed up at about 6 or 7 pm on a school night and we had a total of 4 “techs” out that night trying to get it all installed and finally left around 2AM ON A SCHOOL/WORK NIGHT. Over that 3 year contract we never had all equipment working properly, the doorbell camera never worked right, never recorded, my drug addict daughter pulled up in my driveway and took my grandson and none of this was recorded on MY CAMERA in the driveway, thermostat that was supposed to be controlled by an app on our phones (and the only reason we added it on) never worked and anytime we would call with these complaints first we would sit on hold forever going through all the automated services and by the time you finally do get a human they just tell you that the equipment is old and we need to BUY the newer cameras. One of these calls we hadn’t even been with them a year when they’re telling us this, well then why did you sell me outdated equipment a year ago? The service and equipment never worked properly. At one point when we called and demanded a tech out to fix our equipment the tech came out and he did make things better but still not what we were promised when signing on AND the tech while in the attic found an issue from the night the installation was done that he said was A major fire hazard and were lucky the house didn’t catch fire! Our only goal was to just ride out the 3 yr contract and be done with this company forever. So FF to Oct 17, 2019 our contract is up, we cancel, we send an email stating we wanted to cancel (we had already read horror stories of people trying to cancel and still getting charged) we wanted to make sure we had our butts covered. So they call the hubby after he emails about canceling (see, they called… they didn’t email back so we have no paper trail of what they say) and they try like Hell to talk him into staying and upgrading the equipment etc and he tells them absolutely not, even IF I wanted to (which he didnt) my wife would kill me (which I would’ve) So no we don’t want to extend, we want to cancel. They said ok and all has been wonderful since, FF to today 1/21/20 We wake up to $115 deducted out of our act by vivint after 4 months of canceling and 4 months of them not deducting money so someone somewhere knew we cancelled but then today they deduct $115 which that wasn’t even our plan payment when we were with them! Our bill was $75.99 per month when we were in contract. We have contacted them to reverse the charge and pay back our insufficient funds fee from our bank and my husband missed an entire work day now due to no gas money to get to work and having to spend all AM on the phone with them and the bank trying to get our money back they STOLE FROM US! They told him they listened to the audio from his call in Oct to cancel and that he said to “hold off and he would call them back” and my husband said “I want to hear the audio of me saying that because I know I did not say that” and then all of a sudden he tells us that the audio is glitch and they’re having their “techs fix it” not sure what that even means but they’re supposed to be calling us back.

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Refund the $150 from today and we would like compensation for all we have had to endure with this company for the past 3 1/2 years but most importantly I want to make sure this company NEVER screws over an individual again

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