Equifax wrongly sent my account to collections and hurt my credit score

Published on January 23, 2020

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I have submitted disputes to the credit bureaus. Experian has updated my report accordingly and due the extenuating circumstances they expedited the process Equifax however has deliberately ignored my complaint. They claim to have completed my dispute however the appropriate changes haven’t been made. I own a car which was paid off nearly 2 years ago I sent them a copy of the title and had the dealer ship contact them. This has been over a month now. They have cause me to lose out on business loans thus affecting my lively hood. I wasn’t even aware that they have me showing as owing 6000.00 dollars on my car placing me in a delinquent status. Again my car was paid of about 2 years ago and they know it.

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I will be taking them to small claims for my losses but right now I want my report cleared and updated to include my credit score. This issue has cost me a loss on required business equipment. I wll be seeking the max in small claims which however still will not cover the loss.

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