T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

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One of the my T-Mobile lines or number, **********, was hacked from your t mobile service by changing the SIM card without authorization. The phone was hacked and controlled by the hacker from your network at 1:20am, February 17, 2020. I can provide any necessary details or evidence for your review. Additionally, the hotmail email address linked to the above phone number was also hacked even though the number was secured with two factored authentication under your services. Additionally, the hacker accessed my bitcoin account that was linked to coinbase account under the t mobile service with two factor authentication. The amount I lost from my bitcoin account is 0.49622619 BTC ($4,867.08 USD). Attached is the screen shot of the SIM card being changed at 1:20am eastern standard time of USA. As a big T mobile service provider company, this kind of negligence is very surprising.

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