DirecTV customer service lied to me

Published on February 24, 2020

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Some reason my bill was 334 month. it always was 136.63. I called few days I had payment due Febuary 10th. So when I called bill was way too much. I have records on my phone when I called first time I call guy was rude and worst CSR Wouldnt let you talk He said I owed bill for December lie I look on bank records I paid 135.63 on 12 16 2019. I just hung up get aggravated. I call again she said I owe bill for November look at bank records paid bill in November on 11 12 2019 135.63. Then I call next day she said my last payment was January 10th 132.81 owed. Some reason this Febuary I owed 136.63 bill was due 10th. I call it said 334 which bunch of lies bill went from 135.63 to 198 no notice or got anything inail. Worst satelite company ever. Charge stuff and extra money

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