CenturyLink High Speed Internet Service Didn’t Work as Advertised

CenturyLink High Speed Internet Service Didn’t Work as Advertised

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Ever since I got CenturyLink I’ve had nothing but issues. I’ve had three accounts and on my second one after letting go to the first one to do so many connection issues the problems didn’t stop. I was told to pay over $400 for the two accounts that I had overdue when I was trying to pay on one. when I went to make a payment they made me pay on the one that was over a year old before I could pay on the second one then told me it have to be new service before I can get reconnected… So I ended up having to pay about $200 and told me that my service would be reconnected but they didn’t tell me that that was for my old account and told me that my service will be connected the next day after waiting for three days I called back and they told me that I had to pay on the one I was originally trying to pay on before I could get service again leading me to pay $400 plus a $50 deposit for brand new service… The service I had before was between five and 7 MB and the one I’m stuck with now is only 3.5. Even with the higher speed Internet I had connectivity issues constantly had to call them and it’s even worse now with less Internet speed… They also sent me a modem and charged me for it after I specifically told them I already had one… The customer service lady I talk to was extremely rude and would not let me explain the situation and I could tell even over the phone that she was going to be rude from the start of the conversation after 45 minutes of trying to explain the situation she obviously wasn’t gonna let me talk and in the middle of my sentence transferred me to someone else that had no affiliation and I had to explain the whole situation again. The Internet connection is mediocre at best and after going from 5-7 MB I’m stuck with 3.5 MB because that’s now the only speed I’m allowed. Haven’t been happy with service since I’ve got it and every time I call I’m stuck on the phone for almost an hour each call. They said they can’t do anything about the speed and I can’t get service on my front porch or connect but my neighbors WiFi behind me on the back porch Can connect from my front porch.

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