H&R Block (Online) Claim for Compensation

H&R Block (Online) Claim for Compensation

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In February my wife and myself went to h&r block to have our taxes filed married but filing separate. This was specified in detail several times to their associate. They’re associate filed married and jointly and had a sign a black box quickly and said she would take care of everything from there. We came to find out that they had filed married jointly. I’ll pawn Jessica the store manager admitting that this error could have occurred on their behalf and they said they would have the paperwork ready for us to come sign that they were paying for an amendment and paying for my wife’s part of filing separate after costing us a total sum of about $1,800 cash on our taxes and stimulus checks, we did not hear from them on the day they promised they would call and have those paperwork ready. Rather what happened was I called them and Jessica was not available and the only paperwork ready was injured spouse form. My wife is 3 months pregnant I am currently off of work being evaluated for possible covid-19. Bills are piling up and we are being played with by h&r block associate and manager at a time that this cannot happen. The error of h&r block potentially causes us more financial harm in the future. We are looking for a recourse at this point as we are being snow job by their associates and managers.

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