T-Mobile Lied about the price

T-Mobile Lied about the price

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i have never been so upset with a carrier like I am with T Mobile – They handed me a complete line of BS telling me they would pay off my other account and I can keep my phone then they send me a piece of crap phone was not supposed to be what I was getting. I was told I would get the same phone I already had which was an S10 + so then I returned that and bought a note10 which i had to put $595.00 and I never received the $150.00 I originally paid when I switched over.. and now they tell me they are not paying off my AT&T bill so AT&T hit me for $500.00 today, So I spent over an hour on the phone tonight and the supervisor hung up on me. and the service is horrible, calls keep dropping and I am trying to use this as a work phone. I have had it and If I do not get someone to contact me and make this right I will be forced to take legal action. my acct # is ********

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