Consumer Cellular Claim for Compensation

Consumer Cellular Claim for Compensation

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1. Nov 2019-ordered and paid for in full an Iphone 11pro. Over $1100. It was defective. No dial tone a few miles away, apps/texts/photos would disappear, etc I sent it back.

2. They Gave me inaccurate info on removing apps. They couldn’t figure it out-told me to call Apple. I did-still not removed. I sent to them, they returned it. This time I called again-they were able to help me remove them. I sent it back.

3. They returned it again saying I had now damaged the SCREEN! I called, denied it. Asked what to do. They said you have Apple Care-fix and return it. I did.

4. They sent it back now saying they won’t take it back because I replaced the screen!!! They have nonstop harassed, called, emailed, texted insisting that I pay for their 1st defective phone on top of the Second phone! Now they are sending me to collections They cut off the phone, locked it (after I paid for it in full), sent it back 4? times. Countless bills. I had to block them. They are now sending this to Collections?? Worst nightmare ever.I have everything documented-emails, texts, names, dates.

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