DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

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August 2019. Lost home, told by local TV service to deal with direct TV instead, let them know of inactive svc. In new location by September 2019 and called to re-activate. Service person refused to reconnect service as TV’s were not placed correctly in home. Told to call again for service once placement issue was addressed. Personal severe illness requiring lengthy hospitalization, skilled nursing and long term rehabilitation put the reactivation of DTV service on the back burner. Account continued being charged to my debit card on auto pay ( my long term payment plan for DTV for YEARS!) I discovered this in March 2020! I was told my account was inactive and that when it was “connected” in the home the account t would then become an “active” account. Phone calls to ATT (DTV) was a complete runaround. Operators agreed to officially “disconnect” the as of April 26 and to also refund the bill charged me for that month. ($123.68). Charges for Aug. 2019 through March 2020 would have to be disputed at some meeting on a unknown date in the future. Contact with the billing department focused on not being able to see “notes” on my account files indicating a request to disconnect service, a call to reinstate service at a new location, a visit from the service department to reconnect the boxes and tvs, and the inability to and decision NOT to reconnect due to current TV placement problem and that customer was to call service dept and reschedule for reconnection when problem was resolved. Agent noted meeting to dispute monthly charges billed and payed via auto pay by my debit card was planned, (no date). I continued to ask “what was the dispute”? I had no service. I was billed for service at $123.00 per month, my bank account was debited and DTV was paid in full! I had and still have no SERVICE and I want my money back. No help from billing.

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