AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

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They lied about a phone being free my bills were extremely high than what was quoted and they entrapped me into really a service agreement quietly. I tried to cancel out the free phone line and was told I would be charged the full amount of the phone if I cancelled service on a supposedly free phone so I have to basically keep service for 30 months. If I would have been informed properly about everything then I truly wouldn’t have gotten a phone with at&t or at that another line. And if I got credits as they stated then they should have given them to me at once not over time because paying for service for 30 months costs you more than paying for the phone straight out. They are scammers I have had movies from February added on this months bill, I’ve had someone add a movie channel to my account after I removed it. They are price gouging

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