Apple Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Apple Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

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They sell purposely defective products that are harmful to their consumers. Their glass is designed to break with the force needed to remove a phone case and the glass isn’t safety glass which cuts you and a full phone replacement is necessary. When your blood gets into the phone they call it “water” damage and voids their Warranty. They also only offer a 2 week full warranty and 1 year limited. This is unacceptable for such an expensive product. Their insurance doesn’t actually provide you with any insurance, you are required to pay full price of the phone in order to send your phone in to so much as be seen if a warranty or insurance will cover the repair and it can’t leave you without a phone for months. Since their products involve blood on the products they can’t be mailed so you can’t use their warranty or insurance unless you drive it to the company and no repair place will work on a blood soaked phone.

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New cell phone plus reimbursement for tax and insurance. They need to respect our consumers rights and provide us with products not designed to be defective and cause customers harm. Then to recall and replace all phones with this defective safety glass and to offer repairs on the back glass without requiring full phone replacement. To offer a 2 year full warranty on their products and insurance that doesn’t require a deposit more than 10% of the current phone price. To not penalize customers that pay cash upfront for phones vs a payment plan that gets discounted and phone replacement. Immediate cease and assist to all sales in the US until they can fully comply with consumer laws, they violate almost all of them currently. To provide a number to reimburse the full purchase price to any customer that purchased a defective or faulty product and provided a free replacement loaner phone, no dep or fees at all, until the customer can get another phone.

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