Brinks Home Security Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Brinks Home Security Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

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I agreed to a 2-year contract on the promise of 2 working video doorbells, 1 outside camera and 1 glass break sensor to be installed by Brink’s Home Security.

Whereby everything was installed and working on the day of installation (3/25/20), four days later on 3/29/20 the back-door video doorbell started malfunctioning…it began ringing repeatedly nonstop without anyone pressing the doorbell. I called customer support and after they couldn’t help resolve the issue over the phone, they scheduled someone to come out on April 14, 2020. In the meanwhile, I had to disconnect the wires from the doorbell.

On 4/14/20, the Brinks technician came out and reconnected the doorbell, and basically said it’s nothing wrong with the doorbell, but if it happens again, then I should get an electrician to come out to look at replacing the doorbell transformer. Then he left. About 20 mins later after he left, the doorbell started malfunctioning again…repeating the same behavior, so I had to disconnect the doorbell again.

Later that day I contacted customer support again. I explained to them that the issue was not resolved with the onsite technician and I was not happy with the outcome of the service they have provided.

I signed up and made the agreement based on all devices working without issue and within 4 days one of the primary devices is not working property. Furthermore, you’re telling me I need to spend more money to have a electrician come out to analyze my doorbell transformer which was working fine before you installed your devices. Event then you’re not sure if that will correct the problem. I asked to cancel the contract agreement if they couldn’t fix the problem. They refused both.

Both of my traditional doorbells were working without issue before the install of their devices. Is there anything I can do about this?

It seems to me that if they knew issues could arise so soon after they perform an install on promised working devices, and it leads to the customer needing to hire additional professional services to get it working properly, it should be disclosed upfront instead of after the fact. Very displeased about the outcome of this service…. again, can you help pursue this?

I’m so frustrated at this point I just want to cancel my contract with them and find another home security company.

But if that is not an option, then I need them to fix the issue with my back-door video doorbell. I need it to be working.

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