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I placed a order threw the application using a promotional code to receive $20 credit as a new doordash account opening. I had to spend more than $15 dollars for this promotion to work. So I ordered Pizza’s from Pizza Patron using the application. Twice I got a message stating my order was delivered. The first time I was told it was a mistake and the order was still in progress. The second time I was told that the order was delivered and that there was nothing else that could be done due to my current account history. After weeks and months of emails and complaints filed all yielding the same exact result. I was recently told by a customer care representative after I messaged and requested someone email me the corporate Institutes Email address, Phone Number and Physical Mailing address that I would be able to get this issue resolved. The representative messaged me back and stated they had concluded I was given a $20. credit to my doordash account as a way if my refund for that order. I paid in the app for my Pizza from Pizza Patron $24.(don’t have exact change in hand but can provide if needed.) This statement was both ignorant and insulting to my intelligence as I stated I used a promo code to receive $20 credit to my account for registering as a new user and spending over $15 on a single order purchase. This means I lost out on my food that day, My right to have my money refunded because of the mistakes of the company or its employees to fail and do the one thing they claim to do which is deliver food from various food companies to consumers. And in the end I was told the credit I received for using a promotional code was my refund for that order yet this still does not add up since I spent more than $20 and should have been able to spend the $24 I did spend plus have the additional $20 credit to use another day.

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A refund would be at the very least they can do. Since I Also recently received a email stating the mobile application has been recognized in a data breech that my name and information has been detected in. If this is the case I would like to reconsider the amount of compensation I would. like to seek.

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