Optimum Customer Service Lied to Me

Optimum Customer Service Lied to Me

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signed up for Optimum on Jan 13th and was told my monthly bill including taxes will be about $43.80 with
promotions. When I got the confirmation of service the bill breakdown didnt seem right and I called optimum right
away the next day to adjust the bill. Optimum sent me another adjusted bill and it was even more confusing than the
first but was told that the issue was respolved. When I got my first month’s bill it was for about $82 and THAT IS NOT
WHAT I HAD SIGNED UP FOR. I then called optimum multiple times – outline below April 9th – Operator 39Z – 12:30
PM EST April 23rd – Operator 84B Skylar Johnson – 11:44 am EST April 29th – Operator 84B Skylar Johnson – 3:28
pm EST – will contact by May 1st In the end Optimum said the best they can do is bill me $82 for the first month and
$63 for each moth after. This is really not what I had signed up for the calls have been recorded and I requested
optimum multiple times to go back to the calls and what was agreed on but Optimum has refused to do so. I called on Apr 30th again and was told prices change so sorry this is the price as of now. Have also requested the recordings where I agreed to the said price and have not been given access

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