US Bank Claim for Compensation

US Bank Claim for Compensation

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Today, April 29, 2020. I had approximately $2000 in my US Bank account. With $800 in cash being deposited into the account and normal payroll check over a week ago. I attempted to spend MY MONEY in the amount of approximately $1280.00 to finish paying for a vacation that had been extended due to Covid. The transaction was declined, I then called US bank locally, and received an automated message stating they were not taking any calls, I then called the 800 # and spoke to a man (I’m sure my account will document who this ridiculous unprofessional rep was) he said my account was only allowed to use less then $1000 per day, I advised him it was MY MONEY, he then told me I would have to speak to his supervisor, he transferred my call to a VOICEMAIL. I was not able to access MY VERY HARD EARNED MONEY WHEN I NEEDED MY MONEY. This is not a line of credit, this was MY CASH. This can not be right and even if it is, they should allow an increase when a customer needs to access their own money.

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I believe they should be held accountable for STEALING AND HOLDING PEOPLES MONEY. I believe they should be responsible for the hardship AND mental anguish they cause their customers and their family!

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