AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

AT&T Customer Service Lied to Me

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I moved to a new address on April 20th. I ordered AT&T TV and Internet.
I payed $360 to connect the service. The services is really important for my children’s schoolwork. It’s been nothing but problems, The connection is not working well. I asked to cancel services being that I only had the services ten days. I didn’t know that the connection would be Soo poor. I would have never got into a contract 24 month contract and pay $360.00. if I did not have good intentions for the AT&T services, but to tell me that I have no choice but to keep the services or I will lose my $300.00 deposit and will be locked into a 24 month contract, for poor wifi connection and continuous buffering. This is not my fault, I did not know, how weak AT&T wifi services are. I feel that the Supervisor that I spoke with, was very unprofessional as if I couldn’t speak to no one but him. Please help me with this wifi death sentence. It’s only been 10 days that I have been connected.

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Cancel Services and refund my $300 deposit. I am not asking for the $60 that I already paid for the first month of service, but it’s only been ten days.

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