Citibank Lied About the Price

Citibank Lied About the Price

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my bill is $600. my monthly plan is 140. I got charged a $200 fee for a replacement phone when I was told by an At&t employee at a location that i would not have to pay a single penny for a new phone. Theres also a ridiculous amount of extra Florida taxes even tho i live in new jersey now. I was never told anything about a $200 fee, not online, not in person, and not on the phone. Theres so many unnecessary charges on my account , and when i spoke to the billing department today he mentioned charges that i was SUPPOSED to be aware of before they were even charged. If i had known i was going to be charged this much money, i never would have opened a line with at&t in the first place. Also im expected to be paying off a brand new iphone 11, when the replacement i was sent is refurbished and the battery drains at a ridiculous speed that the brand new one did not. I joined at&t a month ago, and since then it has been nothing but inconvenience. I understand theres a pandemic going on but AT&T is doing the absolute worst out of all the other phone companies.

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I dont want to pay monthly to pay off a brand new phone when im not even using a brand new one. im using a refurbished one that came with scratches and a ****ty battery.

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