Frontier Communications Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Frontier Communications Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

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We installed the business phone lines and fios internet in 12/2019. The phone line 1447 did not have call forwarding, we called frontier almost every day to fix it. They told us they will give us refund after the phone is fixed. The whole process was very frustrating calling frontier to fix it because of their poor customer service. They have all the record of calling process. The call forwarding was finally fixed on 4/24/2020. We called to ask for refund. Frontier told us that the phone line is working, only the call forwarding is not working, they agree to give me refund of $25.
During the Coronavirus outbreak, our office is closed. All the phone calls have to be forwarded to my cell phone for regular business. We lost all of our business during the past three months because the call forwarding is not working.
Also the line 1446 is not working at all for one week, frontier communication technician came to site fixed it.
Also the fios internet is not working for one week, frontier came over to site fixed it.
We paid $195 per month for two phone lines and fios internet. Frontier should provide all the services I paid for and they promised to provide. They did not provide the service, they should refund all the money I paid for.

We really appreciate your help.
our account with frontier phone: ***-***-****

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