Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

Wells Fargo Customer Service Lied to Me

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It started April 23 & April 24.
What happened was I called 2 days in a row speaking to a female on April 23rd that informed me that there is a promotion for balance transfer @ 2.9% interest rate, 4% balance fee or $5 minimum and spoke with a guy on 4/24 that stated the same thing and the promotion ends on April 30, 2020 allow your payment to finish posting and call back on 4/27 and make your transfers. Called on 4/27 to make the transfers after paying $1000 and wanting to make balance transfers up to my $6500 limit from 3 credit card initiators and couldn’t because they said that promotion was offered last year… I asked them to investigate this and requested to speak with several managers none being offered they just created a case. Called on 4/30 they stated that the system was down and someone will call me back no one did. Called back on 5/1 and spoke with a guy that stated that the Case Manger called me 4/30 and “spoke with me” that was a lie no one ever called (He Lied) and he closed out my case without investigating it! I consistently asking for an Executive Manager over these people and they are lying saying they don’t have any Managers someone is over everyone!!! I have never been lied to by a bank this is the worse.
I have all calls from 4/27/2020 and today on a voice recording… evidence, that people are lying at Wellsfargo.
I am very harmed with stress, anxiety and headaches due to these people lying, playing with my intelligence, and my money because I just paid them over a $1000 when I could have paid that on my other cards and called my other banks for a balance transfer offers before paying them off. I am nauseous, dizzy and emotionally drained.

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I want the company at this point to honor their promotion with 12 months 0% interest at this point and give me a compensation of up to the $10,000 for pain & suffering and time that they have caused me. I have spent hours speaking to over 10 people since this has occurred and again I have recordings.

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