Wells Fargo Locked My Account

Wells Fargo Locked My Account

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April 17th I purchased through ach to robinhood $280. They said I didn’t have overdraft protection. But I got a SMS of available balance in my account $-280.47 as an ach at 712am
At 712am not even a min later I get a second SMS saying my available balance was $-.47
So the transaction went through then disappeared.
I typed Bal on my mobile phone at 1030am
Then it said my available balance in my account is $-280.47 as a debit (p)

The first ach allowed me to use the 280 at robinhood so I invested in some stock because Robinhood emailed me saying the transaction was approved and I was now officially able to start trading .

Meanwhile the transaction completely disappeared and when the second transaction posted as debit .

I get a email saying it was a nsf and got returned. got a 35$ fee
That lead to Robinhood letting me know that Wells Fargo actually reversed my transaction .
Because on my statement from robinhood says reversed on the transaction.

Wells Fargo denies every posted it twice. Denies I ever had overdraft protection to begin with.

I spoke to executive officers I spoke to managers and specialist n supervisors. I have about 5 or 5 recorded calls from Wells Fargo. All in which they contradict themselves by saying I had overdraft and I didn’t. they said I was ach then it was debit. Regardless of whihever one I was . Wells Fargo authorized my transaction because it got overdrawn and showed on my end an available balance of -280 .
But how could it get overdrawn if I didn’t have overdraft protection?
By Wells Fargo policy for overdraft, I would have got denied on the initial point of the attempted transaction .
It didn’t tho which is indicative of me having overdraft protection.
In doing so robinhood charged me a margin call .
And started pulling money out of my account .
Kept getting nsf on Wells Fargo end but I can’t make or do any transaction when Robinhood froze my account of purchasing anything .
I told Wells Fargo and they repeatedly said they can’t hellp me or stop the transactiins from happening …
I spoke two a lady today named shawnda and she said I was able to do so . And if Wells Fargo offered the service . I said no they didn’t buy I asked and was denied .. I asked if fraud department can help me because the transactions switcing from ach to debit .
At first I never asked for my money back or the money I lost in my investment.
I asked if they could help me by not closing my account and makin my overdraft fees waived because I was receiving my stimulus check April 29th. They pt a hold to my foreclosure to my account so I can receive my check ..
But reversed a claim of 200 back in march .. but never reversed it on my statement until I got the message my account was closed..
I asked for help and no one wanted to help e besides shawnda.
I spoke to a lady at the executive office and told me I need to have all overdraft protection services to use all of them.. which in Wells Fargo policy says I only need one. And which overdraft protection comes with my account that’s standard policy.
I felt that Wells Fargo intentionally reversed my transaction to gain NSF fees .
Fraud was in my mind undoubtedly present on theit end. Also, I had overdraft protection but they told me back in march I added debit overdraft. That’s false. And if Robinhood actually charged me debit and not ach . Wells Fargo violated the privacy acy because Robinhood never ask for debit card information. Strictly ach transaction .
I had Baxter stock for a contract which was my investment. Option to buy Baxter $90 a share for 100 shares . Expiration date was 24th of April . Well I couldnbfk so because my account was frozen . I was goin to exercise nmy right to purchase for $9k. Now Baxter is worth about 94 or 96 a share. So I could’ve have sold for $9400-9600 whatever it is above 90 is Al profit… I lost that opportunity. Lost my other stock as well from Robin good. Got in -800 debt with Robinhood. So try sold all my stock . I now owe Wells Fargo -,317 .. all because they changed my transaction from ach to debit ..I have text messages of my available balance . And emails saying the same . So I have screen shots of the transaction goin from ach to debit .because Wells Fargo has deleted those of my statement.but idk what to do anymore so I seen you guys in a ad. I pray ad hope you guys can help me. After two weeks of trying I’m ready to give up.. if you guys can’t help me I will .. your m last resort. Please contact me as soon as possible. Would greatly appreciate it.
My email is ********@*****.***
Or ********@*****.***
Phone number ***-***-****
Or **********

Thank you for taking the time to read this, God bless and stay safe !

Best regards,
Robert * ****** **

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I would like a compensation for executive officer telling me theirs nothing they can do to help me.

Customer service deny my request of filing a claim or fraud .

Customer service telling me I had debit overdraft protection, if that was the case my account should have never been allowed to be overdrawn. Bringing me in the dilemma I’m in.

Possibly could have made $9k+ on a sell if I exercised my right.
About 1k with my other 4stock potential sales.

The humiliation of the ordeal.
The stress of not being able to receive my stimulus check .. I have two kids to feed with no job because of covid19 I ave no sorce of income .

Asked if I could get help during this hardship time because of covid19 .. was denied.

From the ach to debit transaction which posted on my account was the sole reason this happen . Fraud occurred on their end or electronic discrepancy.
I want all the codes for the transaction. Through data systems and through receipt.
Proof of transaction codes and authorization codes.
Name, connor executive manager for customer service . Admitted to my transaction being authorized when I questioned him about certain policy. He said sorry I he mistakenly said something else prior .he told me it was ach and debit.

Executive office in San Francisco rep telling me wrong poilcy information
Ivan from customer service specialist told me I used debit

Two people hung up on me askijh to speak to management
All calls are recorded, so they can listen to recordings and it will prove Wells Fargo intentionally lied to me numerous amount of times

Risk management was the cause of Wells Fargo telling me my account is foreclosing do to nsf
If I was a broker or someone of high power Wells Fargo at Large which of delt financial lost due to risk management
I want compensation for everything .
Put numbers together and let me know what would be good. I have a lawyer which I will contact if I need to arbitrate if necessary.
I haven’t made this public or told anyone .

Wells Fargo vision and values should be changed to not helping customers because I didn’t get one offer of help besides shawnda. I was repeatedly lied to about policy and abused as a customer for taking advantage of their power over my financial situation.

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