US Bank Locked My Account

US Bank Locked My Account

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Ever since I have gotten US Bank it’s been difficult to do my day to day tasks. I have to talk to my bank 2-3 hours with no solution. They charged my savings $-400 when I barely ever used the account and they took my money. Us Bank has been stress me out and I just want help with this never ending problems.

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I want them to refund me the money they took, and compensation for all the time they have taken from me going to the bank and talking and waiting for hours on the phone with customer support with no resolution to come and they have told I have to wait days to have the problem fixed only to have nothing solved . Also for the stress they put upon me from not being able to pay bills, groceries and my day to day needs has been set back by an incompetent bank. This bank’s Consistent inconveniences has had a toll on my life and my family’s life.

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