Comenity Lied About the Price

Comenity Lied About the Price

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About a year ago I was dealing with cervical cancer cells and having to get them removed, all my money was going to my medical bills and deductibles and in response it was hurting my credit with this bank. I was on the phone with a customer service person and explaining why I was struggling and they suggested I would be eligible for the hardship program, where I would pay 20 bucks a month for a year, after a few months of this, all my fees would be removed from my account. After the year was up I would pay the difference minus the fees and the year of 20 dollar payments. This was recorded, I agreed, I gave my visa information and hung up. They started taking the 20 dollar payments without fail. Fast forward to December/ January of 2020 and I get a phone call asking me why I was making 20 dollar payments, that I wasn’t paying enough and that wasn’t what I needed to pay. I explained the initial phone call and the hardship, the representative agreed to listen to the call and that based on a lot of things lining up, that it sounded like I was suppose to be in the hardship program and just was never actually enrolled, that they would call me back in 30 days. They continued to take the 20 dollar payments out of my account. I just got off the phone with them 5/3/20 and had a terrible experience where they blamed me the whole time for being in the wrong, that I never had the hardship program, that I should have been calling them this whole time making sure, and checking in. I reminded them again of the recorded phone calls that prove my case and she kept saying “ there is nothing we can do for you over the phone” even though this whole time everything has been over the phone, keep in mind the entire time I thought my account was in good standing and making 20 dollar payments, it was in fact in terrible standings and about to go to a third party company. I was furious and kept reminding them this was agreed upon due to my medical struggle. This ended in tears and me paying my account off, they offered to let me send in a written letter to have this reviewed, but I didn’t trust them to not continue to ruin my credit, so I paid off. I feel like this is completely unacceptable behavior from a company as well as human beings. They made a point to put the blame on me the entire time even thought I continued to tell them there was recording to back up my comments.

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Fees removed and an apology, specifically from the senior rep who I was speaking to.

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